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Author Topic: Goodbye, Geeks.com, {RIP}  (Read 4447 times)


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Goodbye, Geeks.com, {RIP}
« on: August 27, 2013, 03:21:37 AM »
Yes, sad but true, Geeks.com,( a pc surplus, online store, as like new-egg and tiger-direct,), has fallen due to the crappy economy and just bad luck, I guess. I bought close to a thousand dollars, threw the years, from products, that Geeks once offered. many, one of a kind, such as cases, and this last Christmas, I got the kids and the wife, a tablet , and I got a cool ass keyboard, and a tablet for myself, yet, alone the products I bought for the customers I built pc's for, threw the years that I was doing so. 

So, another, IMO, a "great" pc online shopping store, has bit the dust,.. ( yet  the retail store in California, is still in operation ). That's nice, if you live near, Oceanside, California.

Well,.. I'll just spam this thread, with the words on the web page,. * I trust that you guys will read them,.. ( iLOL)
After 17 years of service,...

   " Geeks.com Ordering Is Being Turned Off...

17 years of service, almost half a billion dollars worth of computer products put in the hands of loyal Geeks worldwide, jobs for hundreds of people and support for their family members. That is what Geeks.com meant to us and the people who worked here.
But all good things come to an end.

As of today, Friday, August 2nd, 2013, we are turning off ordering on Geeks.com. We will cease to sell and ship products immediately. Geeks.com has always stood behind our products and don’t intend to stop now. Any orders placed will ship. We plan on fulfilling all of our responsibilities, including orders, credits, and we will have a small staff on hand to answer questions, to process returns, and to faithfully honor warranties. Be patient as we will have no phone support. Please click here for any customer service related issues. If you have a problem with a product or a technical question we can help with, please send it here. The corporation itself is not closing. Our retail store at 2455 Vista Way in Oceanside, California is open for business and will remain open.(Click here for location)

Our vision has always been to provide the geeky tech consumer an alternative avenue to purchase quality refurbished and new high tech products and gadgets. That vision was the cornerstone of our slogan “Best Deals Every Nanosecond”. Unfortunately after a lot of difficult consideration the owners of Geeks.com feel we are unable to fulfill this vision any longer.

There are many why's... The e-commerce landscape, as well as the consumer electronics market, has changed dramatically with intense competition and a 1000lb gorilla (do we really need to say who) competitor that can lose millions of dollars. They can lose money with impunity, supported by the stock market. We cannot.

Our wholesale division Evertek.com Evertek.com is still available for our business to business customers. Please visit our website for further information.

We are deeply sorry and saddened by the impact this will have on the families of our staff members, on our own families, and on the community of customers who were a part of us.

We are very hopeful that we can turn ordering back on at some future date.

In the meantime feel free to use our Facebook page Facebook page as a way to express your thoughts on our decision or anything about Geeks.com, computers, and consumer electronics. We welcome and would love your feedback. With fond memories of the past and with hope for the future, we are signing off...
The Geeks Team "
Ah, well, I need to bury my head on/in my pillow, for I have to get up in less than hour and a half,/ 2 hours maybe,...to make sure the kids get up and ready for school,...

 So long Geeks,. good morning TG,.. I shall spam you all laters,. PEACE, take care of yourselves,. hit me up sometime,..

We, at RS, have been hooked on Warframe, but, I still like my FPS shooters, and love me some CS:S, and MW2, BC2, Black Ops, Spin the Bottle, L4D and L4D2, until BF4 comes out, then that will be the only game I will play for about a few weeks,.. then back to the other favorites. I may get some new games,. I just need some FRIENDS to play them with ! Oh yeah, THAT'S YOU GUYS!! ( and of course, My Clan, good ol RS,.. where we R old S-chool,.. gosh, most of us that remain are up in the upper 30's and early 40's. (some in the 20's)- ah, they don't call me the "cripple commando" for no other reason, bitches! , hahaha, iLOL, @ U, but in much respect.

Come play with ol Chemo, if ya ever feel bored and need a good, "cyber bullet magnet", iz your man !! HAHA!

- Chemo out !!   8)

« Last Edit: September 15, 2013, 05:54:04 AM by Chemo »


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Re: Goodbye, Geeks.com, {RIP}
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2013, 04:45:04 PM »
Chemoooo, I have never even heard of this site so no skin off my back! but seriously sucks for them.

Anywhooooo, I miss you budday. Just got back into gaming some, have been playing dota 2/mw2/tf2 due to it being the only games I have. I don't even know what warframe is and am too poor for bf4. Love you, kisses.



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